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Real life maths - Anna Fraszczyk

STEM Ambassador Anna Fraszczyk is a Newcastle University researcher for NewRail. Her role involves supporting the teaching and learning activities at NewRail by mentoring students, engaging with stakeholders (people who own or have invested in the company) and organising and coordinating rail education activities and events.

In this challenge students complete a passenger timetable for a section of railway network, calculating the travel time for a freight service to travel through each station on the network. Students then analyse possible starting times for freight services to identify which freight journeys might be possible. Students will interpret timetables and graphs in order to identify when the trains may pass each other.

KS3 Maths Curriculum links:

• Use mass, length, time, money and other measures, including with decimal qualities.

• Solve kinematic problems involving constant speed.

Other subject links:

Physics – motion; Biology/Chemistry - climate change.

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