Core Maths qualifications: technical guidance

Revised in August 2018 following previous versions, the technical guidance describes the purpose of the Core Maths qualifications as, ‘Core Maths qualifications should consolidate and build on students’ mathematical understanding and develop further mathematical understanding and skills in the application of maths to authentic problems, thereby offering progression from GCSE mathematics.

Qualifications should provide a sound basis for the mathematical demands that students will face at university and within employment across a broad range of academic, professional and technical fields".

The three objectives for the Core Maths qualifications as set out in the technical guidance are to:

  • Deepen competence in the selection and use of mathematical methods and techniques.
  • Develop confidence in representing and analysing authentic situations mathematically and in applying mathematics to address related questions and issues.
  • Build skills in mathematical thinking, reasoning and communication.

The technical guidance stipulates that the Core Maths qualifications should be taught over 180 guided learning hours. While there is no specific syllabus content the subject content should comprise up to 80% of the current higher level GCSE and at least 20% level 3 content.  Problem solving approaches are seen as central to Core Maths.  A minimum of 80% of the overall grade is based on external examination assessment at the end of the course. Additionally any internal assessment, which could contribute up to 20% of the marks, is subject to external moderation.

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