Happy city

Sydenham School for Girls met with three STEM Ambassadors while undertaking this very ambitious project which delivered on the basic modelling and ideas for planning a city. It aimed to develop materials ‘literacy’, set the foundation for good workshop practice and to  develop independent thinking skills in designing and making.
In teams, students were given a baseboard, on which to develop their part of the scale model city, ergonomes (ergonomic models – little plastic figures of people and trees), a wide selection of materials including boards, dowels, Corriflute (corrugated polypropylene) plastics, foams and polystyrene, and instruction worksheets.  At the end of the Activity, the STEM Ambassadors judged the best redesign for Happy City.


Happy city pilot activity 

Happy city scheme of work

Happy city Presentation

D&T level descriptors

Crumble Happy City Presentation

Polymer homework sheet Presentation

Happy city specification

Happy City how to write a spec 

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