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Drip, Drip, Drip

This resource pack contains eight activities based around water and personal finance education. Each activity is aimed at a specific age group at primary level and provides curriculum links to aspects of mathematics, science and PSHE. The activities are:

*[b]Needs and wants associated with water[/b]-Assess the priority of our everyday water uses and begin to appreciate that we cannot always have everything we need or want.

*[b]Which water?[/b]- Compare the value of tap water to bottled water and make money related choices.

*[b]How do we pay for it?[/b]- Look at how households are billed for the water they use and dispose of and understand and recognise a water bill, and the methods which can be used to pay for it.

*[b]Cost of supplying clean water[/b]- Find out where our water comes from and what goes into making it clean and safe whilst developing a sense of ‘value for money’.

*[b]Reducing your water bill[/b]- Consider ways to reduce water consumption in the home and making financial savings and how those savings could be used.

*[b]It’s just a little leak[/b]- Look at how small leaks in the home can contribute to a huge amount of water loss across the UK and make future financial plans for unexpected events.

*[b]Water and energy[/b]- In using water we often forget that we are also using energy to heat it and making informed financial decisions.

*[b]Water around the world[/b]- Find out about access to clean fresh water and how it varies significantly across the world whilst introducing the concept of charitable giving.

This resource has been provided by Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg).

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