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Aimed at primary learners, this resource provides a lesson which links to the classification of plants and animals. Based around a series of captivating educational films, it looks at the reasons why we classify living things and how we classify them. Teacher’s notes provide a detailed lesson plan which incorporates subject knowledge, classroom activities, film clips, possible misconceptions and questions which check understanding. The short films show the diversity of life on earth, highlighting the duck billed platypus as an animal which scientists found difficult to classify. They also look at the classification of animals based on similar features and how Linnaeus began classifying plants according to their characteristics. This resource has been provided by Tigtag and is part of the Tigtag World primary science collection.

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This is a very clear and well presented set of resources which I think will be very accessible for my KS2 children.

jmitch (not verified)

where are the film clips for the review section of the lesson?


How do you get the videos please?


Could you advise where the video clips are that are mentioned in the lesson plan please?