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If you teach or work with students between the age of 11 and 19 and you want to inspire and motivate them to get involved in real science, then Crest Awards may be the vehicle to deliver this.

This guide, from triple science support, has been produced for teachers who are looking for activities with recognised awards for student independent research. It offers background information and practical suggestions to support British Science Association Crest Awards and gives suggestions for securing progression and follow up activities.

Before you start to plan your activity, it is helpful to consider the impact you want it to have on teachers, students or the school. To help you to measure the impact of your enrichment and enhancement activities, the guide makes some suggestions for outcomes and what evidence you might see that it has had the impact you may have planned for.

This is one of a suite of guides which provide a full range of suggestions for effective enhancement and enrichment activities which can be incorporated into the scheme of work, and these can be found on the triple science support enhancement and enrichment webpage.

The guides include: FieldworkGenomics - using a researcher in the classroom ,Radiation and medicineSTEM AmbassadorsChemistry at WorkFaraday ChallengesAstrobiology, and Careers.

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