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So You Want to Learn to Program?

This e-book gives an introduction to programming in the BASIC language for middle to high school students. It can be used as: *a nine or 18 week-long introduction to programming *a brief introduction to programming concepts *an introduction to data structures for non-programmers * a brief programming project for database or networking courses. The book uses the freely-available BASIC-256 language, starting with fundamentals including navigation of the programming interface. The chapters cover: *Drawing basic shapes *Sound and music *Computational thinking *String operations and input *Selection and logic *Loops *Custom graphics, images and sprites *Functions and subroutines *Mouse and keyboard control *Printing *Arrays and lists *Maths operations *Files *Error handling *Database connections *Network operations The e-book is suitable for classroom use or for independent study. This resource was provided by James M. Reneau.

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