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Fractions - Equivalence

This is a series of interactive excel sheets exploring fractions. Topics covered include equivalence, comparing fractions, and converting fractions to decimals, recognising and ordering fractions and calculating fractions of amounts. Answers can be checked each time and new questions generated at the click of a button.

The first sheet shows a range of ways of representing fractions with different denominators.

In the following sheet students have to recognise equivalent fractions and select the fraction that is the odd one out from a choice of three.

In the third sheet a fraction can be represented and students have to select the fraction and the decimal that the diagram represents.

In the fourth sheet students have to place seven pairs of equivalent fractions together.

In the following sheet students have to place six fractions with different denominators in order from smallest to largest.

The sixth sheet generates a series of questions on finding a fraction of an amount. Select a fraction, then a value and the solution can then be revealed. The following sheet repeats this for finding a decimal of an amount. The eighth sheet demonstrates how to find a fraction of a whole number more visually.

The next sheet contains a series of eight questions in which students have to multiply a fraction by a whole number. The final sheet contains a colourful fraction wall.

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