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Coin Bingo

This activity focuses on coin recognition and addition skills. Designed to be used as a bingo game involving calculation, it may also be used as a simple sorting and matching activity.

Each child has a Bingo Board featuring nine stamps, a selection of coins in a bag and a set of counters to mark off the stamps as they ‘pay for them’. Children take it in turns to select a coin at random from the bag; if the value of that coin appears on a stamp on their Bingo Board they can cover it with a counter and replace the coin. If the coin does not match any particular stamp they keep the coin at the side of their board. On each go the children collect coins, as soon as they have enough to match a particular stamp they cover that stamp with a counter and replace all of their coins in the bag. The winner is the first person to cover all of their stamps.

Provided by mathsticks the resource contains game instructions and 8 different Bingo Boards. The first set of four boards use stamps with values between 1p and 10p, the second set of boards uses totals between 7p and 19p.

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