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Practical Microbiology for Secondary Schools

There are 19 investigations here which you can weave throughout your scheme of work to ensure students have plenty of opportunity to practice key microbiology techniques, as well as using interesting contexts to teach a range of biological concepts.   If you're a little rusty on some of the techniques, have a look at the Microbiology Society manual for clear advice and guidance.  

Many of the experiments also meet the needs of the A level specifications and can be adapted for project work. Investigations include:

• Finding and growing microbes

• Estimating the number of bacteria in water

• Breakdown of starch by microbes

• Breakdown of protein by microbes

• Alcohol production using immobilised yeast cells

• A microbe which moves towards light

• Microbes and cellulose

• Microbes and water pollution

• Nitrogen-fixing bacteria

• Isolating microbes from root nodules

• Effects of chemical elements on microbial growth

• Breakdown of pectin by microbes

• Microbes and breadmaking

• Preserving food

• Microbes and yoghurt making

• Microbes and food spoilage

• Microbes and milk quality

• Effects of antiseptics on microbes

• Microbes and personal hygiene

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