An Introduction to Web-based Information Systems

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This resource has been developed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and the BCS Academy of Computing. It will seek to consolidate learners’ understanding of modern information systems concepts, through study of web technologies, including HTML.

Whilst this resource has been designed to be used as a standalone resource, learners would benefit from having covered some computing science prior to this – possibly via earlier packs in the RSE/BCS’s series on computing science.

All of the RSE/BCS’s resources build on state-of-the-art understanding of the pedagogy of computing, drawn from around the world. This should enable learners to develop both coding skills and deep understanding of core computing concepts, including computational thinking.

Whilst this resource is intended to support teachers’ thinking about how they might translate the intentions of the curriculum into classroom activity, it should not be seen as prescriptive. Rather, it is intended to stimulate innovation and offer tutors the flexibility and opportunity to deploy their creativity and skills in meeting the needs of learners.

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