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Building on the Knowledge Learners Already Have

[b]Ordering units of weight:[/b] the objective of this activity is to assess prior knowledge of learners and their understanding of metric units. Students are presented with a set of cards on which are written metric weights in grams, kilograms and in words. Students are required to place the cards in order of weight. Extension ideas include asking students to write new weights on blank cards and lace these appropriately and match weights with pictures of objects.

[b]Scalars and vectors:[/b] the objectives of this activity are to assess prior knowledge of learners and their understanding of the difference between scalar and vector quantities and to encourage them to fill in some gaps in their knowledge through research. Students are presented with cards upon each is written a word. Students sort the cards into three categories depending upon how familiar they are with the word and how confident they are of the meaning of the word. Several questions are posed for the teacher to consider throughout the activity. The resources required for the activity are included.

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