iSquared Magazine Issue 5

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This edition of iSquared magazine features:

The mathematical origins of string theory - Andrew Dalrymple tells the story of how one of the most promising candidates for a “theory of everything” developed from the discovery of an application for a 200 year old mathematical equation.

Modelling the big freeze - Glacial periods have occurred at regular intervals during the last two million years. Jacqueline Whitcombe explains how mathematics can help scientists to understand the dynamics of ice ages. 

The story of modern statistics - Phillip Robinson looks at the birh and evolution of statistics, from its origins in probability theory to the study of annuity tables to the development of the field as we know it today. 

Interview: - Rüdiger Jehn, mission analyst at the European Space Agency, discusses his work and the importance of mathematics for space science. In addition, each issue of the iSquared magazine contains news items, puzzles, a book review and the work of a mathematical great. 

This issue tells of the work of Blaise Pascal, mathematician, physicist and philosopher. 

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