The Human Machine

This booklet provides a number of practical experiments investigating tissues, organs and organ systems, including how the mind controls the body, psychology and ergonomics.

Curriculum links include, respiratory system, circulatory system, behaviour, nervous system.

The experiments are:
1. Muscles
2. The skeleton
3. The teeth
4. Water in food
5. Fat in food
6. The lungs
7. The heart
8. The circulation
9. Oxygen in the blood
10. The effect of activity
11. Body temperature
12. The skin
13. Fingerprints
14. The physiology of the eye
15. The sense of vision
16. Hearing
17. Taste
18. The sense of smell
19. The skin and the senses of touch and pain
20. The skin and the sense of temperature
21. The sense of weight
22. Balance
23. The automatic control of parts of the body
24. Reflexes
25. Individual memory
26. Group memory
27. Learning
28. Telepathy
29. Clairvoyance
30. Packing
31. Distribution
32. Planning a kitchen
33. Travelling
34. Timetabling
35. Smoking
36. The heart
37. Genetics
38. Personality
39. Prejudices
40. Growth
41. Optical illusions
42. The senses as meters

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