Human Chemistry

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This booklet provides practical activities linked to health care. Chemistry techniques include tests for carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, nitrogen, iron and flame tests for other elements.

The experiments are:
1. Testing for carbon and hydrogen
2. Testing for sulphur and nitrogen
3. Flame colours show other elements
4. Iron in blood
5. Acid bath for bones
6. pH
7. Testing for lipid compounds
8. Blood sugar
9. Starched aprons
10. Sweat prints
11. Protein test
12. Blood or beetroot juice
13. Vitamin C test
14. Urine urea
15. Fermented urine
16. Sweeteners
17. Acetone test
18. Digesting starchy foods
19. How glucose gets into the blood
20. Digesting boiled egg
21. Digesting jelly
22. A drink of water
23. Purgative Epsom salts
24. The artificial kidney
25. Oxygen for life
26. Bile juice
27. Plaster of Paris
28. A disappearing bandage
29. Sticking plaster
30. Dusting or talcum powder
31. Calamine lotion
32. Skin freshener
33. Cologne water
34. Simple ointment
35. Medicated soap shampoo
36. Medicated soapless shampoo
37. Dry shampoo
38. Cream shampoo
39. Cold cream
40. Skin cream ointment
41. Skin antiseptic lotion

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