Breakaway Maths Level 3 - Climbing and Shooting

This resource from Breakaway Maths is designed to support children who are having problems with remembering facts and acquiring mathematical skills. Mathematical questions are posed around colourful pictures which tell the story of David, Lisa, Nicky and Rupa as they go shooting and climbing at an activity centre. Mathematical areas covered are:

*Identifying 3D shapes
*Kilograms and grams
*Adding lists of numbers
*Hundreds, tens and ones
*Multiplication tables (3 X)
*Making a tally chart and bar chart
*Reading a bar chart
*Multiplying by 2, and by 3
*Identifying 2D shapes
*Time in 5-second intervals
*Subtraction of three-digit numbers from 300
*Addition of two-digit numbers to 70
*Thousands, hundreds, tens and ones (millilitres)

Aimed primarily at children between Years Two and Three this resource could be used to support children working within National Curriculum Levels 1-3.

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