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Linear Functions

This resource, from Susan Wall, contains a number of advanced level activities designed to practise and strengthen understanding of linear functions. Although students have worked with linear functions at GCSE connections between properties, equations and diagrams are not always secure. At advanced level students need to move from plotting graphs from a table of values to be able to sketch graphs showing essential features. [b]The properties of linear functions[/b] contains four activities in which students explore the properties of linear functions. Students calculate the gradients of lines, link their findings to the equation of a linear function expressed in a variety of forms, explore where graphs intersect with each other and with the axes. [b]Parallel and perpendicular[/b] contains four activities exploring the properties of parallel and perpendicular lines. Students are required to find connections between the gradients of perpendicular lines, match up functions that are parallel or perpendicular and match a linear function with the written properties of the graph of the function. [b]Perpendicular bisectors[/b] contains two activities each exploring how to find the equation of the perpendicular bisector of two points. The first activity poses a question and gives the solution. Students have to explain what is happening at each stage of the solution. The second activity poses three questions with the solutions jumbled up. Students must decide which solutions goes with which question.

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