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GCSE Teacher Activities

The following classroom activities have been developed from SEPnet’s (South East Physics Network) GCSE programme. The activities are designed to use inexpensive equipment and tie in with the key themes for Key Stage Four physics in England and Wales. These themes include electrostatics, electromagnetism, heat transfer, light, waves and radioactivity. Each activity has an equipment list, instructions for the experiment, background scientific information and tips for success.


Electrostatic Drinks Can
Pupil Circuit
Rollercoaster Physics: Loop the Loop
Convection Teabag
Household Energy Demands
Colour Changing Conduction Plate
Infrared camera
Build a Spectroscope
Measuring the Speed of Light in a Microwave
Ultraviolet Light
Total Internal Reflection
What’s in the Box? Ultrasound
Nuclear Fission Experiment
Half Life

A template is provided for the spectroscope activity

This resource is provided by SEPnet.

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