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Designed to improve confidence in mathematics, these resources from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, focus on algebra and were developed particularly for primary teachers and those non-specialists who teach mathematics in the lower secondary years.

Each section offers an overview of a specific topic and the key issues that will be covered, as well as highlighting some common misconceptions. Worked examples are provided to support learning and these are followed by focused exercises to practice skills. Activities to reinforce learning and offer extension opportunities are also supplied, as are topic related tests.

Algebra part A - Squares, cubes, Square Roots and Cube Roots

▪ Index Notation

▪ Factors

▪ Prime Factors

▪ Using Formulae

▪ Construct and Use Simple Formulae

▪ Substitution into Formulae

▪ Positive Coordinates

▪ Coordinates

▪ Applications of Graphs.

Algebra part B - Factors

▪ Sieve of Eratosthenes

▪ Last Digit

▪ Bode's Law

▪ Pendulums

▪ Coordinates

▪ Speed-Time Graph

▪ Area Under Speed-Time Graph: Distance.

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