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Introducing Stem Cells *suitable for home teaching*

This presentation and collection of short activities, from Eurostemcell, introduce basic stem cell concepts and include teacher’s notes with each slide and useful diagrams. The materials include:

 Presentation: Introducing stem cells

• Stem cell biology basics: for post-16 students, or adult audiences with little or no scientific knowledge

• Cloning: some slides suitable for post-16 students with more advanced slides for adult audiences

• Stem cell biology in more detail: for informed, non-specialist audiences

Worksheet: Stem cells in the news

A short activity using a real newspaper article to consolidate learning about stem cells and their potential therapeutic value. The news article focuses on stem cell research relating to Parkinson's Disease

Discussion activity: Points of view

A ready-to-use classroom activity for discussion of the ethical issues around stem cell research. Students examine the opinions of up to six characters and use these to inform and develop their own views. Includes a short teachers' guide to help with lesson plans.

Quick puzzle sheet: What's missing?

 A fill-the-gaps exercise to consolidate key ideas and facts about what stem cells are, what kinds of stem cell exist and why our bodies need them.

Quick puzzle sheet: Stem cells word search

A ten minute puzzle to consolidate learning on stem cells

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