Design and Technology for a Circular Economy: Teachers' Guide

This teacher's guide, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, introduces six design and technology teaching activities and explains how they can be used and adapted. It includes an overview of design in the circular economy, including an exploration of how pioneers have rethought design and why it has needed rethinking. Also included are some common misconceptions regarding circular economy thinking, a glossary of terminology and a section highlighting the various schools of thought.

Offering examples in practice, companies that have adopted aspects of circular economy thinking are listed, along with explanations of what they are doing now and how they are doing it.

The guide describes the following activities:

Activity 1 – Circular economy in the built environment
Activity 2 – Waste = food
Activity 3 – Rethinking the system
Activity 4 – Intheloop
Activity 5 – Biomimicry
Activity 6 – Rethinking textile products

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