Activity 2: Waste = Food

This activity, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, introduces aspects of the circular economy through design-and-make tasks, focusing on food packaging for festivals. It addresses the circular economy principle that waste equals food.

The activity provides students with the opportunity to consider mass food packaging waste at an event or festival that they may be aware of, or have attended.

D&T concepts include:

• Researching a context for design
• Packaging design
• Materials exploration
• Prototyping

Circular economy concepts include:

• Waste = food principle of circular economy
• Distinguishing between biological and technical nutrients
• Linear and circular systems
• Rethinking systems and making a change
• Recycling, upcycling and downcycling of materials

The activity could be extended further within different subjects:

Food technology: developing healthy food products suitable for selling at events.
Science: exploring the packaging composting process, biodegradable materials and the current use of polymers.
Mathematics: card net design.

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