Ecology of Fishes in Tropical Waters

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Produced in 1977 by the Institute of Biology as part of its Studies in Biology series, this booklet reviews the ecology of fish found in tropical waters. Fish has long been one of the main food sources in tropical countries. With rapidly rising human populations, fisheries development in tropical waters has been greatly intensified and the ecology of tropical fish has become more important. Studies on fish ecology may examine the species present and their population dynamics, growth and reproductive rates, trophic (feeding) interrelationships and causes of mortality. These illustrate how ecological conditions in the tropics differ from those in temperate regions.

Section in the booklet consider topics that include:
* Fish faunas and environments
* Pelagic fish studies
* Demersal fish studies
* Coral reef fishes: underwater observations
* Freshwater fish studies
* The exploitation and conservation of tropical fishes

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