Maths Chest 5 - Number: Pack 1

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This resource from Maths Chest 5, aimed at Key Stage Two, contains the teacher notes for running activities on number including: counting, ordering, place value, halving, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is divided into 20 topics designed to be taught in sequence at different times within the year. Each topic is organised into two sets of activities both of which include teacher-led activities, group activities and individual activities. At the end of each topic there are opportunities for reinforcement and extension and suggestions for cross-curricular links. The topics for teaching number are divided into two packs.

The topics in this pack are as follows:

Topic 1 - Place value: hundreds and thousands, ordering numbers up to ten thousand, < and > signs.

Topic 2 - Addition: 3-digit addition with exchange, using base 10 apparatus, estimating answers.

Topic 3 - Subtraction: 2 and 3 digit subtraction.

Topic 4 - Multiplication: revise two, three, four, five and ten times tables, of 2-digit numbers multiplied by 4, estimating and approximating.

Topic 5 - Division: deriving division facts from multiplication facts, division of 2-digit numbers into two equal sets, decomposition including cases with a remainder.

Topic 6 - Pattern in number: commutative and associative properties of addition, show the inverse nature of addition and subtraction, the inverse nature of multiplication and division.

Topic 10 - Fractions: eighths and thirds.

Topic 14 - Place value: approximating and rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, negative numbers.

Topic 15 - Subtraction: 3-digit addition in columns, estimating answers.

Topic 16 - Subtraction: 3-digit subtraction in columns.

Topic 17 - Multiplication: six, seven and eight times tables, the use of brackets and commutativity, multiplication games, factors.

Topic 18 - Division: sharing 2-digit numbers by 2 or 3, division games and puzzles.

Topic 19 - Pattern in number: square and triangular numbers

The repromasters required for teaching the activities are found in the Maths Chest 5: Introduction and Student Materials.

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