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The practical activities in this resource explore colour through across a range of contexts. The experiments can be carried out in any order and integrated into an existing scheme of work, and are ideal as part of a circus of activities around the classroom.

[b]Our colourful world[/b] - an introductory circus of twelve activities demonstrating colour

[b]Looking at colours in nature[/b] – describes an outdoor activity looking for colours and camouflage

[b]Man's use of colour[/b] – a homework idea looking at the use of colour

[b]Colour preference[/b] – suggestions for full investigations, including which colour of seeds birds prefer and whether more flies land on certain coloured cars

[b]Which colours show up best?[/b] – students design a test to see which colours or sets of colours show up most clearly to the eye

[b]Extraction of natural colours[/b] – finding dyes and pigments in plants

[b]Changing natural colours[/b] - using plant extractions, such as red cabbage, as indicators

[b]Acids reacting[/b] – using indicators in neutralisation reactions

[b]Which materials and colours dye best?[/b] – looks at the control of variables in an investigation to find the best dye

[b]Are colours what they seem?[/b] - five quick activities which encourage students to question their perception of colour

[b]Combining colour[/b] – a look at light and colour

[b]Flame colours[/b] – flame tests using a range of salts to identify unknown samples

Warwick Process Science was compiled by an experienced team of teachers from comprehensive schools, mainly in Leicestershire, in collaboration with the University of Warwick.

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