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This resource introduces the idea of change initially through observation of everyday life situations leading to more scientific descriptions of change, including physical and chemical changes. The booklet is divided into three sections:

[b]Section 1:[/b]
• Teacher demonstrations including a luminescent reaction and a pulsing colour change reaction
• Small group experiments demonstrating fast and slow changes: This range of activities could be arranged as a circus with a workcard at each workpoint. Several of the slower changes will need to be observed over a series of lessons
• An activity using photographs to observe everyday long term changes

[b]Section 2:[/b]
• A series of teacher demonstrations and student experiments illustrating physical, chemical and reversible changes

[b]Section 3:[/b]
• More detailed investigations of change include how to make the best plaster cast, the effect of temperature on dissolving, the expansion of water and the growth of seedlings

Warwick Process Science was compiled by an experienced team of teachers from comprehensive schools, mainly in Leicestershire, in collaboration with the University of Warwick.

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