Teaching the KS2 Role Play Lesson

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In this resource from Teachers TV Alison Clough and Claire Caulfield from St Benet's Roman Catholic Primary School, County Durham, team-teach a lesson on the importance of healthy eating to Year Five students.

The students are asked to plan and make a news report, which encourages them to think about the science linking health and diet. The students watch the TV news report in which a proposed ban for under sixteens on the consumption of certain foods, such as burgers, chips, fizzy drinks and most types of pizza is announced. Challenged with creating their own news report, students make notes on what they have seen in the video and plan and prepare scripts for their own reports. After rehearsing, students video their news reports which are screened to the rest of the class for feedback.

This lesson idea shows how to teach report making in a science context. Science education expert Matthew Tosh provides a running commentary on the key points of the lesson.
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