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Teaching the KS2 Snack Bar Lesson

In this programme from Teachers TV, science education expert Matthew Tosh presents a Key Stage Two science lesson focusing on the importance of a healthy diet, using the Junk Food Science Snack Bar video. Alison Clough and Claire Caulfield from St Benet's Roman Catholic Primary School, County Durham, team-teach the lesson to a group of Year Four children. The children look at the nutritional information of different snacks and decide which would be healthier options and which would not be. They then compare the nutritional information of the new snack bar to other snack bars. They are then asked to take on the role of members of a Scientific Advisory Committee and decide if a new, fictional, snack bar should be banned, licensed or endorsed. This lesson engages children and gives them a context for their learning, asking them to think about health and nutrition in a real world context.

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