Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station

This video is part of the Teachers TV series Worth the Trip, which features a wide variety of out of school activities and offers practical advice on how to organise effective school trips. In this programme, Steve Lord, from Pool School and Community College, takes his Year Seven students to visit Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station in Cornwall. The students start their visit with a tour of the site and then watch a film showing how television centres link up with outside broadcasters and use satellites to broadcast signals to our homes. The film shows how activities in the visitors centre illustrate aspects of satellite technology.

Claire Corris, from Leyland St Mary's Catholic Technology College, takes her Year Seven class on a maths trip to Camelot. Claire uses the visit to show the application of mathematics, including Pythagoras’ theorem, shapes, symmetry, measurements, surface area, circles, area, circumference, calculator problems, estimation and volume. The video also highlights other science and mathematics educational visits around the country.

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