The Dairy Food Chain

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These resources from Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) are intended support a visit to a dairy farm by providing activities which aim to raise students’ awareness of the process of business improvement in the food chain and giving advice on how to organise the visit.

In preparation for the farm visit, a role play activity helps students to identify the key players in the dairy food chain and the issues that are of concern to them, such as market size, sustainability, food safety, traceability, animal welfare and consumer demands. A card-sort activity is then used to reinforce the stages in the dairy food chain. Students can devise their own interview questions for the farmer before the visit or use the interview questions provided which explore the farm’s business plan. The presentation activity following the visit encourages students to suggest ways the business can be improved, consider all the advantages and disadvantages of their solutions and decide on strategies for improving the links between the stages of the food chain.

Curriculum areas covered include:

*Business studies – an introduction to business and economic understanding
*Cross-curricula – enterprise education
*Geography – factors affecting farming choices, changing farming systems
*Land based courses – investigating land and environment, working with animals, investigating
science in the land and environment sectors
*Science – investigating animal behaviour and genes, investigating the environment

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