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The Maths Teacher

This resource from Teachers TV shows how Angela Grayel, who teaches mathematics at Ridgewood School in Doncaster, uses feedback from students to develop her teaching skills.

A group of six students are elected to represent a top set Year Nine class and Angela explains that the focus of the lesson being reviewed will require students to solve equations with double brackets, as well as formulate and solve equations involving shapes. Angela acknowledges that some students may find this work challenging.

The student panel establish that the class really enjoyed the lesson, but some students do not fully understand the work. The students deliver interesting and constructive comments and, after reviewing the tape, Angela decides on a number of adjustments to her teaching style which will be beneficial for the class.

The lesson is repeated one week later and Angela tries out her new plan, which encourages students to assess their own understanding and allows time for them to consolidate their knowledge of the topics being taught.

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