Water Treatment

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These resources, from Innovate Educate and The Avenue, are linked with a web site that describes the reclamation of a former coke-manufacturing plant in Chesterfield. The presentations describe how water is treated to remove contaminants.

The contaminated water comes from large lagoons, into which tar-like waste was dumped when the coking plant was in use. In this state, the water cannot be used or released into local drainage. It is treated in a biological water treatment plant, where microbes digest and break down the contaminants, before the water is stored for re-use on the site.

A slide presentation, containing teachers' notes, and a short video description explains the process.

A supporting web site contains further activities that support specifications in the humanities subjects. These can be linked to develop a cross-curricular approach to the activities. The web site can be found at: www.theavenueeducation.co.uk.

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