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A Year Eleven textbook from Task Maths. This resource continues with the thematic approach of the series. In many cases the task titles only give a partial view of the content since the authors’ intention is that the mathematics in the course will be integrated. Task Maths 5 contains some innovative content in most tasks with some containing material which is very different, and possibly more engaging, than that found in many texts. Each task consists of a number of differentiated activities on the theme of the task and ends with a number of Further Coursework tasks for extended activities. Significant use is made of computer software, especially spreadsheets. The book is split here into two parts: tasks 14-19 are in part one and tasks 20-25 are in part two.

The tasks are:

14. Table games - Strategies for dice and domino games using probability

15. Colourings - Finding all the ways of colouring in tiles, “Painted Cubes” problem 1

16. Every picture tells a story - Devising pictures which help to explain aspects of mathematics

17. Managing the future - Budgeting, ratio and inverse proportion and considers exponential growth

18. Equable shapes - Investigating shapes where the perimeter and area are numerically equal

19. Dissecting cubes - Exploring different ways of dissecting cubes and the properties of the solids produced

20. Repeating patterns - Use of trigonometric functions to analyse rotation, rolling and toppling

21. How do you decide? - Ways of displaying data, brief introduction to Normal distribution, questionnaire design

22. Knowing where you are - Locating position and determining loci in two and three dimensions

23. What do you believe? - Investigating the truth of mathematical statements mainly in handling data

24. Telling the computer what to draw - using matrices for shapes and transformations, vectors, BASIC and Logo

25. Getting the most out of life - Geometric and numerical maximisation problems  

The Teachers' Resource Book


*Introduction The first part of the book covers the approach taken, resources and materials needed and the teacher’s role. The detail on the National Curriculum and Recording is no longer relevant because of subsequent changes.

*Guide to tasks There are typically ten pages of information on each of the tasks which give answers and brief suggestions for approaches to the activities as well as listing any resources needed. Notes and sample assessments are provided on the Further coursework tasks provided at the end of each task in the student text.

*Notes on running the computer programs – relates to software running on machines no longer in use.

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