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Task Maths 1

In this Year Seven textbook from Task Maths, there are 28 mathematics tasks. There are also useful sets of review exercises after every three tasks and revision exercises at the end. Each task consists of a number of differentiated activities. Many activities are investigative or exploratory and encourage discussion of ideas. Task Maths contains some innovative content in most tasks with some containing material which is very different, and possibly more engaging, than that found in many texts.

The tasks are: 

1. Monty - Number patterns on a 100 Square using a computer program

2. How big is your classroom? - Area and volume

3. Birthdays - Data handling using birth dates and ages

4. Halving - Particularly based on symmetry and halving of various grids

5. Bags of cubes - Introductory probability

6. Slot machines - Coin problems and paying for various tickets

7. Leaves - Area of a leaf

8. What is a square? - Exploring properties and making other shapes starting with squares

9. A slice of pie - Angles and pie charts

10. Words - Handling data – includes word length, starting letters , house numbers

11. Cube models - Problems based on shapes made from cubes including isometric drawings

12.Twelve days of Christmas - Puzzles based on the song including changing the rules

13. The answer is 42 - Explorations – what is the question

14. Models made from squares and triangles - Making 3D models

15. Bingo - Probability –includes using dice and random numbers

16. Number chains - Variety of number chains generated by flow charts

17. Polygon arrangements - Symmetry mainly based on ATM Polygonal MATS

18. Palindromes - Variety of tasks and includes the ‘Palindromic Number” investigation

19. Food - Includes a range of ancient recipes, changing units, favourites, network diagrams

20. Number shapes - Number patterns

21. Optical illusions - Measuring and angles in an interesting context

22. What is a third? - As a vulgar fraction, decimal and percentage

23. It's magic! - A resource for magic squares and crosses includes construction methods

24. People and calculators - Methods of calculation and some ways of using a calculator

25. What is a circle? - Circles in everyday contexts and circle patterns

26. Folding Paper and Card - Folding in half and folding strips to make shapes

27. Number ladders - A number-based strategy game

28. What a load of rubbish! - Handling data: re-cycling and proportions of different types of rubbish

The Teachers' Resource Book Contents *Introduction The first part of the book covers the approach taken, resources and materials needed and the teacher’s role. *Guide to tasks There are typically two or three pages of information on each of the 28 tasks which give answers and brief suggestions for approaches to the activities as well as listing any resources needed.

*Answers to the review exercises and to the revision exercise


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