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What Stuff Does

From Teachers TV, and part of the Science Tube series, this video contains five short clips that explore the properties and uses of some of the many materials that surround us. It looks at rock, water and carbon dioxide.

The clips are:

Rocky road reveals the processes involved at a quarry, from the rock being blasted out of the ground to the mixing of it with hot bitumen and the laying of it to make roads.

Ice trail looks at the properties of solid and liquid water as a block of ice is shaped and moulded into a sculpture.

Melting moments shows how heat energy can change ice from a solid to a liquid and finally to a gas.

Rainy days uses a combination of live action and animation to examine the water cycle and the part played by evaporation and condensation.

All change demonstrates how solid carbon dioxide reacts when inserted into a balloon and what happens to a balloon when placed into liquid nitrogen.

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