GCSE criteria for Science 2011

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This set of subject criteria were produced by the Ofqual, the Welsh Assembly and CEA (Northern Ireland) for Awarding Bodies to produce subject specifications for use in 2011 GCSE Science, GCSE Additional Science, GCSE Additional Applied Science, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, and GCSE Physics. GCSE specifications had to meet these criteria in order to be accredited.

The GCSE criteria explain the general aims of studying a particular subject at GCSE and outline the essential knowledge skills and understanding required. Starting from the Key Stage Four National Curriculum current at the time, it therefore includes the elements of both ‘How Science Works’ and the ‘Breadth of Study’ that outlines the science content. They also stipulate the structure of GCSEs and their assessment and grading, in that assessment objectives and grade descriptors are included.

* GCSE subject criteria for Science for 2011
* GCSE subject criteria for Additional Science for 2011
* GCSE subject criteria for Additional Applied Science for 2011
* GCSE subject criteria for Biology for 2011
* GCSE subject criteria for Chemistry for 2011
* GCSE subject criteria for Physics for 2011

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