Century Maths Users Guide

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The Century Maths User Guide contains a complete overview of the materials and how they might be used by a mathematics department. It gives guidance on possible ways in which the key resources, the Focus books and Theme books, may be used as well as detailed explanation of the structure and how assessment could be integrated into the departmental scheme. The Guide also makes clear the authors’ intention that the programme is aimed at supporting a more interactive approach and in particular to move away from a purely teacher-led didactic approach to the teaching of mathematics. There is an intention to encourage open-ended investigations, problem-solving, consolidation of discovered knowledge, the use of computers as an integral part of learning mathematics and puzzles and games as well as exposition by the teacher.

Contents *Into Century Maths *Century Maths Across the Key Stages *The Framework using Theme and Focus books links between Theme and Focus using Teacher's Support Packs using computing using other technology *Flexibility teaching styles and approaches assessment and record-keeping *Pathways through Century Maths Themes *Setting up with Century Maths *Century Maths and Departmental INSET *Century Maths publishing programme

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