Junior Pupils' Book 1

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This book from Longman is for students to read and follow the directions for activities. The 40 or so activities are grouped into 10 topics:

* Happy families
* Carnival time
* Look here
* Mixed up
* Hair raising!
* Keeping warm
* A mouldy story
* Tiling the kitchen
* Home-made toys
* Uninvited

Each topic begins with a short story told through full-colour drawings in comic-strip style. The stories concern events or people in Newton Street, a theme running through the whole programme. These fictitious families and their pets are introduced in this first Junior Pupils’ Book and provide a starting point for activities about the students themselves, involving recording hair colours, arm span, height, and other personal features. Thereafter, each topic describes some event of which various aspects can be investigated by the students. The students conduct the activities and answer questions posed, some leading to further exploration and application of the ideas. There are symbols to indicate to the students where help from the teacher may be needed.

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