Investigative and Problem-Solving Approaches to Mathematics and Their Assessment

This resource, first published in 1990, as the Mathematics Teacher's Development Series was written in response to the Cockroft Report to address the recommendation that all mathematics teaching should include opportunities for exposition by the teacher, discussion between teachers and students and between students themselves, practical work, consolidation and practice, problem solving and investigational work. The purpose of the pack was to address these issues and support their introduction and assessment.

The Introduction has background information and a detailed contents list.

There are three sections to the pack:

[b]Section One[/b] (chapters 1 to 4) deals with the introduction of investigations and problem solving into the classroom and the implications for the teacher's role.

[b]Section Two[/b] (chapters 5 to 9) deals with assessment of investigations and problem solving, this is referred to in the pack as 'open working'.

[b]Section Three[/b] has a bank of student activities including teacher guidance. The activities require students to work systematically and look for patterns in a range of mathematical topics, including nets, area and perimeter, flowcharts, polygons, scale drawing, symmetry, measuring and estimating lengths.

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