STEM Subject Choice and Careers: Lessons Learned

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These reports, from the Centre for Science Education, describe outcomes from the STEM Subject Choice and Careers project. The project was able to draw on a range of creative resources and products that can enthuse young people and support teachers and career advisers. The reports illustrate how schools have raised STEM careers awareness by means of a range of interventions.

Case studies provide messages for schools as well as identifying some of the challenges that still remain.

Part 1 contents
* Executive Summary
* Introduction and background
* What outcomes have been achieved so far?
* Developing school policy and practice in STEM careers
* Broader research and policy overview
* STEM careers in practice case studies
Case study 1 - STEM careers in the curriculum
Case study 2 - effective use of role models
Case study 3 - tackling equality and diversity in work experience placements
Case study 4 - one school’s approach to STEM careers
Case study 5 - personal skills and capabilities
Case study 6 - developing a whole school approach
* Conclusion

Part 2 contents
* Executive Summary
* Introduction
* STEM careers in practice
Case study 7 – embedding STEM careers in science
Case study 8 – adding careers to enrichment events and fairs
Case study 9 – CPD for teachers and careers advisers
Case study 10 – raising awareness of engineering and engineering careers through the teaching of science and mathematics
Case study 11 – outside partnerships and events
* Next Steps

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