Earth and Solar System

The Ginn Science topic book Earth and Solar System for students aged 10 and 11 was published in 1991. It is in two main parts. The first part discusses what is known about how the Earth and the life on it has changed, using information from fossil records and study of rocks. The second part concerns space and what is known about the Sun and solar system. 

In relation to both these topics the book stresses the tentative nature of some of our knowledge, helping students to appreciate that there are questions to which the answers are not known. There are some suggested activities but the book mainly uses a rich range of full colour drawings and photographs and stories to give information about what has been found.



Planet Earth

The shaping of the Earth. The Earth's history - hidden clues:

*Fossil evidence


The Earth - a time line


*Information about different kinds of fossils

Dating fossils

Fossil discovery:

*How fossils were found at a site in northern Australia

How rocks are formed



Rocks in our lives

Fossil fuels:

*Oil, natural gas and coal


The sun and the solar system

Space exploration

The four inner planets:

*Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

The four gas giants and Pluto:

*Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Other things in the solar system:

*Asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorites

Amazing measurements


Beyond the solar system


Glossary and index

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