Earth and Weather

The Ginn Science level five students’ book Earth and Weather was written for students in Year Five (Primary Six) aged 9 to 10 years, and published in 1990. It relates to the content strand Earth and space. With the help of full colour illustrations it provides information about the Earth's orbit around the sun, the seasons, what is happening in the air many kilometres above the Earth’s surface, why predicting the weather in Britain can be so difficult and what is happening in the soil under our feet. There are some instructions for things to make and do and the story of the discovery of air pressure and how to measure it is told in cartoon form.

The universe
The Earth's tilt
The seasons
Making a model Earth - activity
The Earth's atmosphere
Air pressure
A magic show:
*Activities using air pressure
How the barometer began:
*The story of Torricelli
Measuring the weather - activities
Weather forecasting
'Today's weather will be ... '
*Activities about weather forecasting
Condensation - activities
Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons
The Earth's surface
How soil is made
Under your feet
Damaging the soil
How does erosion occur? - activities
Caring for the Earth
Glossary and index

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