iSquared Magazine Issue 3

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This edition of iSquared magazine features:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics - Kirsty Hinchliff and John Rhodes explore why hidden variables and statistical paradoxes can lead to difficulties when trying to draw valid conclusions from data. The article discusses Simpson’s paradox and infinite winnings.

Theoretical Neuroscience: neurons, patterns and hallucinations - Nikola Venkov tells how mathematics is vital for the new field of theoretical neuroscience and describes how mathematical methods are being used to improve our understanding of the human brain.

The Möbius Strip: A beacon for uniqueness - Mike Watson looks at the practical and philosophical implications of this strange mathematical object and reveals some surprising links with art and western philosophy.

Honouring mathematical greats - Simon Lazarus investigates the variety of mathematical prizes awarded in recognition of outstanding mathematicians, from Fields Medal to the Millennium Prize Problems.

In addition, each issue of the iSquared magazine contains news items, puzzles, a book review and the work of a mathematical great. This issue tells of the work of D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson.

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