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Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) are an ICT-based tool developed by the National Strategies to support the teaching of key concepts in mathematics. Where available, manuals which describe how the ITP works and could be used are posted as separate files.

This section includes ITPs that cover:

  • Division grid: models long division in a grid of thousands, hundreds, tens and units or hundreds, tens and units. A dividend and divisor is created by clicking on the hidden pointers above and below the digits in the calculation.
  • Fixing points: allows a number of connected vertices on a grid to be created and joined to create a closed shape.
  • Fractions: shows a strip that can be divided into a number of yellow equal parts. It can be labelled to show what proportion the coloured yellow parts are of the whole strip. This can be shown as a vulgar fraction, decimal or percentage.
  • Function blocks: simulates a function machine.
  • Grouping: allows a display of up to 30 counters or shapes on the screen and a divisor to be selected in a division calculation. A number line displays a number to be divided. As individual counters or shapes are clicked and dragged to form a group the size of the divisor, they change colour. Once a group equal to the divisor is selected, it ‘jumps’ to the number line.
  • Isometric grid: can be either an isometric grid or pin board on which triangles are set out. An 'elastic band' can be stretched around the pins to create outlines. One of three different rhombuses can be selected and dragged to different positions on the grid.
  • Line graph: lets data be entered into a table and then used to create a line graph to represent it.
  • Measuring cylinder: allows the control of two taps that pour a liquid in and out of a measuring cylinder. The scale on the cylinder can be set to a maximum of 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 units and the scale interval to 1, 2, 5 or 10 units.
  • Measuring scales: allow different masses to be added to or taken from scale pan. The pointer or hand, which can be hidden, shows the total mass. A red marker can be used to keep a track of previous values and to set target quantities.

The full Guide to the interactive teaching programs, including guidance for most interactive resources, is available below.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the age of these files some aspects of the programmes may no longer work on modern computers.


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Does the Grouping ITP no longer work? Or is it a Win10 problem. I can't get objects onto the screen.

Andrew Jones

Apologies for the belated response. This issue is due to outdated software (i.e. Shockwave) on the original files which will prevent some of the features working perfectly. We have made a decision to retain the files as they still perform the main functions and can still be a useful tool for teachers.
Andrew Jones
Resource Coordinator - Lead
National STEM Learning Centre