Report on the STEM Mapping Review 2004

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The purpose of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Mapping Review, published by the Department for Education in 2004, was broadly to:

• investigate whether STEM initiatives currently being taken forward address the concerns raised about the decline in demand of university places in STEM.

• investigate whether the perceived lack of supply of graduates and qualified technicians in the engineering and related professions including craft persons is being addressed.

• assess whether the recommendations of the Roberts' report 'SET for Success' are being taken forward coherently and

• formulate recommendations for next steps based on the findings of the review.

The review was split into three phases:

*Mapping teaching and learning initiative and activities in STEM from primary to post graduate level, including collecting soft and hard data where possible.

*Analysing the findings of the mapping exercise, assessing whether the Roberts’ recommendations had been taken forward coherently, identifying gaps, assessing external activities, formulating recommendations on how the various activities might best be brought together.

*Communicating and disseminating information on the findings of the review to opinion-formers outside the Department for Education.

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