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Assessing Pupils Progress (APP) Science materials

Produced in 2009-2010, Assessing Pupils Progress (APP) was produced by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and is a structured approach to periodic assessment, written to enable teachers to use diagnostic information about students’ strengths and weaknesses and to track students’ progress.

[b]Context and development [/b]
APP was developed by QCA to help teachers in their assessments of student progress in the National Curriculum –summatively at the end of the key stage, and to inform teaching formatively throughout the keystage.

In the development of APP Science, draft criteria were drawn up and used with 40 pilot schools, as well as to help compile Standards Files to exemplify student work. The pilot was evaluated and the final version of the criteria and Standards Files produced in late 2008. In 2009, it was launched with schools via the National Strategies using Local Authority consultants, and made available on the internet. Primary APP Science followed a similar pattern.

The criteria work across five Assessment Focuses (AFs):
*AF1 Thinking Scientifically
*AF2 Understanding the applications and implication of science
*AF3 Communicating and collaborating in science
*AF4 Using Investigative approaches
*AF5 Working critically with evidence
AFs are presented as a grid, and as a version with two levels per page, so that a teacher makes an initial approximation and then considers two levels at a time.

APP Standards Files exemplify student work at different levels. Each includes:
*examples of evidence generated from students’ work in science
*commentary on the evidence for each AF, which leads to a summative judgement on the students’ work.

*Primary Assessment criteria: science (poster)
*Primary Teachers’ Handbook
*Primary Assessment guidelines L1/2
*Primary Assessment guidelines L2/3
*Primary Assessment guidelines L3/4
*Primary Assessment guidelines L4/5
*Primary Standards files Y1 secure L1
*Primary Standards files Y1 secure L2
*Primary Standards files Y2 high L1
*Primary Standards files Y3 secure L2
*Primary Standards files Y3 secure L3
*Primary Standards files Y4 low L4
*Primary Standards files Y5 secure L3
*Primary Standards files Y6 high L4
*Primary Standards files Y6 low L5
*Primary Standards files Y6 secure L5
*Key Stage Three Assessment criteria: science (poster)
*Key Stage Three Assessment guidelines (booklet)
*Key Stage Three Teachers’ Handbook
*Key Stage Three Standards files A
*Key Stage Three Standards files B
*Key Stage Three Standards files D
*Key Stage Three Standards files J
*Key Stage Three Standards files M
*Key Stage Three Standards files P
*Key Stage Three Standards files R
*Key Stage Three Standards files S
*Key Stage Three Standards files V
*Key Stage Three Standards files W
*Getting to grips with APP
*Assessing Pupils' Progress: learners at the heart of assessment - guidance for senior leaders

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