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Practical Geometry

These two books from the Shell Centre are part of the Extended Tasks for GCSE Mathematics support material produced for students as they pursued practical geometry tasks within any mathematics scheme. The practical geometry tasks were intended to stimulate students' interest in, and understanding of, the three-dimensional world in which they lived. Many geometrical discoveries are made experimentally. However, this experimental approach can be followed up and reinforced, using reasoning and proof. Geometry also provides excellent opportunities for making and testing hypotheses.

The tasks within this cluster begin within real life situations, and they are intended to be tackled practically. However, it was felt important that this practical approach should be followed up using reasoning, calculation and proof, according to the individual need and ability of each student. The common element of the materials is the idea that they are designed to develop spatial awareness and geometrical drawing skills.

Construct it right
The lead task is called Get drawing is based on a real life situation and provides a rich and tractable environment for practical geometry including isometric drawing, perspective and surveying.

The alternative tasks are:
*Tile Iit
*Designer leisure centre
*Lay it out
*Nested polygons
*Get into gear

Pack it in
The lead task is Anyone for tennis, which involves students in using their mathematics to help them to decide upon packaging for tennis balls.The project provides the opportunity to examine a wide range of mathematics inlcuding, volume of prisms, pyramids and spheres, Length, scale factor/Area scale factor/Volume scale factor, tessellation and trigonometry.

The alternative tasks offered are:
*Sorting shapes
*Pyramid home
*Chop it up

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