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These materials, produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) look at the development of control systems with the advent of microelectronics. Complex control systems can now be found in even the most common of consumer devices.

A series of study units looks at different aspects of control. They have extensive guidance and information as well as examples of product applications. The topics include:
• Monitoring and control systems
• Stepper motor control and applications
• Signals from strain: designing and making 'overload protection' systems
• Designing and making a servomotor control system
• An environmental control system: automatic watering
• Electronic 'cam' timer

Study files are also included and these allow students to research and practice important techniques and topics. The areas covered include:
• Decade counter (CMOS 4017)
• The programmable logic controller (plc)
• The TEP bit by bit controller
• Possible applications of the bit by bit controller
• The pulse duration modulation (p.d.m.) servo
• Prototyping control systems using systems electronics boards
• Mathematical representation of control systems
• Continuous control
• Sequential control
• Investigating control systems using alpha boards
• Stepper motor driver SAA 1027
• Timing diagrams
• Programming a washing machine cycle
• Making a printed circuit board
• Logic gates
• Transducers
• The Field Effect Transistor (FET)

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