GNVQ Science Advanced Assignments 2

The Nuffield Science in Practice Advanced Assignments file two included study guides made up of short tasks covering the full range of each unit together with 24 additional assignments intended to complement those published in the first file.

Since many of the assignments in file one were elaborate and challenging, this second file contained shorter and less complex assignments. The assignments overlapped in their coverage of the specification and there was no intention that any student should try to cover them all. Tutors were expected to be highly selective when picking out a programme of tasks for their students.

General notes for tutors 2
Unit 6: Controlling reactions
Safety Unit 1: Laboratory safety and analysis of samples
Unit 2: Investigating materials and their use
Unit 3: Obtaining new substances
Unit 4: Obtaining products from organisms
Unit 5: Controlling the transfer of energy
Unit 6: Controlling reactions
Unit 7: Human physiology and healthcare management
Unit 8: Communicating information
Study guides
Matching Nuffield resources to evidence indicators

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