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GNVQ Science Advanced Assignments

The Nuffield Science in Practice Advanced Assignments file one offered comprehensive coverage of the mandatory units through a series of challenging set of 30 vocational assignments, most of which were developed for the project in the centres which piloted the qualification.

Framework for assignments
The components of an assignment were organised in a way that allowed teachers to vary the demands on their students. A full set of components included:
*The front sheet giving the title with a brief which was a summary of the background, aims and objectives.
*Task sheets setting out, in outline, the activities which the students needed to do.
*Procedure sheets containing full sets of instructions about how to undertake the practical work specified in the tasks.
*Information sheets usually containing tables of data, extracts from journals and so on, which were too specialised or vocational to be easily obtained.
*Hints sheets designed for students who might find it difficult to find information for themselves or who needed supplementary help in completing the tasks.
*Tutor notes containing useful information necessary to run the assignment satisfactorily.

General notes for tutors
Commentary on the advanced units
GNVQ Science handout
Unit 1: Investigating laboratory safety and analysis of samples
Unit 2: Investigating materials and their use
Unit 3: Obtaining new substances
Unit 4: Obtaining products from organisms
Unit 5: Controlling the transfer of energy
Unit 6: Controlling reactions
Unit 7: Managing the human body
Unit 8: Communicating information

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